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Beware of Turtle!

The Dreaded Night Turtle
30 August 1976
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  • dreaded.night.turtle@gmail.com
The turtle is dreadful, nocturnal and... terrapin-like in nature.

The turtle is amused by many things and will post these things on its journal with no warning, often accompanied by a happy dance.

The turtle gets pissed off about many things, and will post rants, often accompanied by nasty words.

The turtle writes. Most turtle-writing is posted to a writing filter. Comment somewhere and ask in order to be able to see it. The turtle writing is mostly Weird Tales, which is a blend of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. The turtle uses lj cuts and warnings for anything the turtle thinks might cause issues if unwittingly read at, say, a workplace. However, if you have specific things that bother you, advise the turtle, and it will lj cut&warn for those too.

Turtle publications:

Online Fiction:
The Thing in the Woods Editor's pick for the Lightening Flash Fiction contest in Flash-Me magazine
Celery Stalk Brain Harvest Magazine

From 2008-2009 the turtle was the official storyline fiction writer for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, a collectible card game formerly produced by the White Wolf gaming company. The introduction fiction set out the rules and motivations for each storyline tournament, instances of which were then held in various locations around the world. The results of all the tournaments were then tallied and taken into account in the aftermath fiction.

V:TES Publications:
Black Miracles & Lies Aftermath
Anarchs & Alastors Aftermath
Rise of the Imperator Introduction
Rise of the Imperator Aftermath
Eden's Legacy Introduction

Online nonfiction:

Other publications not available online:
"Working for the Man" formerly in Postcards From...

The turtle has also been published in Thaumatrope and Chesterfield Magazine

The turtle thinks lolcats, nerdish humour, and goats are funny.
The turtle is a linux n00b. Those who are wise in the ways of the penguin will have their brains picked.
The turtle likes creepy pretty gothy things and dislikes girly childish pink things.
The turtle is in the process of completing a creative MA degree in English literature.
The turtle has completed over half of an undergraduate Physics/Compsci science degree.
The turtle works in tech support and yes, it can probably help you fix your computer.
The turtle sometimes refers to itself in the third person.
The turtle does not watch tv. It doesn't know your show, your fandom, or your favorite character, nor does it care.
The turtle likes zombies, retractable razorblade fingernails, and things Lovecraftian.
The turtle does not wake up before noon.
The turtle does not have a facebook. The turtle does not want a facebook. The turtle thinks facebook is evil.
The turtle can be found on twitter with the ID nocturnalturtle.