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It only happens when it rains

me: it is raining outside
me: a good day to not be at work for 3 days :p
me: the "only happens when it rains" people will have all called in by the time I return :p
me: I have modified that song at work :P

For those of you who have not heard me amongst the cubicles:

It only happens when it rains
Modems break when weather's complicated
And though I know you can't appreciate it
It only happens when it rains

You only call when your connection's bad
Why do you feel so good to get so mad
It only happens when it rains

Pour your misery down, pour your misery down on me
Pour your misery down, pour your misery down on me

It only happens when it rains
You only call when things are going wrong
I only listen to the sad, sad songs
It only happens when it rains

Your modem lights are dark
Your raging anger is the night gone black
I didn't accidentally tell you that
It only happens when it rains

You'll get the message by the time I'm through
When you complain about your tv too
It only happy when it rains

Pour your misery down (Pour your misery down)
Pour your misery down on me (Pour your misery down)
Pour your misery down (Pour your misery down)
Pour your misery down on me (Pour your misery down)
Pour your misery down (Pour your misery down)
Pour your misery down on me (Pour your misery down)
Pour your misery down

I will keep you company
As long as you don't swear

It only happens when it rains
I'm paid to hear about your bad connection
I'm riding high upon a deep depression

It only happens when it rains (Pour some misery down on me)
It only happens when it rains (Pour some misery down on me)
It only happens when it rains (Pour some misery down on me)
It only happens when it rains (Pour some misery down on me)
It only happens when it rains (Pour some misery down on me)
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One of my creative writing teachers at the U of M used to say "when you put two things side by side, a third thing appears."  Juxtaposition is also one of the key elements of irony, hidden meanings, layering, etc. It's powerful.

And this is one of the reasons I love twitter.  (It could just be that my twitter feed is awesome - twitter is, after all, what you make of it.)  Multiple different viewpoints, concisely spoken, thrown in a blender.  It is a kind of poetry. 

Today, I was treated to these two, side by side:

Dalai Lama ‏@DalaiLama
We need to relate to each other out of compassion, with a sense of connection to each other and a deep recognition of our common humanity.
Wired ‏@wired
Computer Watches Humans Play Connect Four, Then Beats Them

Compassion: Understanding someone from their side.  What are our AI children going to learn from us?  What are we teaching them now?
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Bill C-11 Canadian Copyright Information - Important stuff to know

This was sent to me in an email from Val (vace117 on lj) and he gave me permission to post it up here so I can link to it and spread the information as widely as possible.  I have a very high opinion of him both professionally and academically, as well as him being and a much-loved awesome person I do not see enough.  What he has written is well researched and clearly articulated, and I really appreciate the time he has taken to write it.

This is pertaining to Bill C-11 which was recently passed into law in Canada.  I recommend anyone who is Canadian read it, as well as anyone elsewhere in the world who cares about these things:


As you might have heard, bill C-11 was passed into law last Friday.  Since we all like to consume and manipulate our media in fairly geeky ways, I was very concerned about the repercussions of this bill on our daily activities, as well as its effects on Canadian copyright in general. The following is a synthesis of a few information sources into a summary of what I feel are the salient aspects of the bill for us as consumers. I thought that you might find this information interesting.

 1) Expansion of Fair Dealing to include exceptions for parody, satire and education
 2) Exceptions for remixed, user generated content for non-commercial purposes.
 3) Reasonable backup, time shifting and format shifting provisions
 4) Alternate format reproduction
 5) Notice-and-notice instead of the notice-and-takedown liability model for ISPs

 - DRM-style Technological Protection Measures (TPMs), aka "digital locks". If the content is secured with a digital lock, the lock
supersedes all other rights. In other words, the presence of a digital lock trumps all the improved provisions under fair dealing, thus
rendering them void. This means that even though C-11 takes many good steps towards balancing the rights of consumers and IP right holders with the provisions described above, it has a built in loophole for IP right holders to side step all these rights granted to consumers under the bill.

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The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World - Explain this to me?

This is the full text of a story that has won a Hugo award:

It's not long (only nine pages) and it's poetic, violent and intriguing.

I don't get it.

I read it with my beloved Californian.  She and I both have English Literature degrees.  If there were secret literary techniques to be deciphered, I think we'd have figured it out.  I showed it to an older friend of mine who lived through the 60's.  If there were cultural references my Californian and I aren't getting, she'd have known them - but she didn't find any.  I've googled the crap out of it.  (Tons of people saying how mindblowingly awesome it is, how it's unexplainable, how one cannot talk about the story it just must be read.)  I've searched for it (unsuccessfully) among literary journals on jstore (which is just in general a massive piss off - as far as incomprehensible-but-pretty texts go, I'll take this over James Joyce any day).

I do not understand this story.  I see many things that it is doing.  I have googled and found all manner of commentary on how awesome it is.  But no one has explained it.  I am very, very tempted to start thinking the emperor has no clothes - but this story was written by Harlan Ellison.  He is a god.  The emperor has clothes.  I'm just not getting it.

And I normally *get* Ellison.  He's a genius.  He's mean.  He's harsh and brutal.  Reading him is often like being bathed in acid or walking on broken glass.  He pierces and resonates.  I respect him immensely.  I admire him as one of my writing gods. 

But I do not get this story. 

I get that it's a meditation on the nature of evil (or perhaps madness - he's implying that they are perhaps identical, and maybe love too).  I get that it has an experimental circular story structure like the spokes of a wheel (or perhaps recursion - and this may be the successful recursive story that I've been attempting to find so I can figure out how its done) and I am finding all manner of references:  Pandora, Prometheus, Satan, etc.  But I'm not getting the actual *point* of the story.

I know that I'm asking the forbidden here - to have someone explain art.  I get that its probably too ineffable to write out in plain language - ok fine but guide me through it then.  I do *not* get it.  I want to get it.  I want that dawning aaahhhhhh moment where everything clicks. 

WTF is this story saying?  What's the point?  What does it mean?  I'm open to suggestions and would love to hear anything anyone has to say about it.
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Im in ur brains, stealin ur REMsleeps


I am now employed at MTS, part-time casual, on sweet-sweet night shift, and no longer walking in the day and having a migraine for 2 months.  This is good.

The part-time casual allows me to do things like give away my shifts for a few days to write - which I am doing now.

I spent yesterday being inspired and creating a plot.  I am banging out the last few chunks of what goes where and then I shall write until the story is done.  Depending upon how it goes, since I'm intending on this being 3 chunks, from 3 narrators, it may be one story or three.  If it is 3, I will show it to my thesis adviser and ask 'is thesis writings done nao can has editings nao?' and the main horrid evil mess will begin tumbling downhill.  If it is one story, I will have 2 more to write but that's ok too.  

I expect to write more here now that I have a job and am no longer a full time student.  Also, depression is better now, I am getting better sleep, and I am loved.  Much badness has been navigated, and things are looking up emotionally, physically, and financially.  

So, in short... yay!

I go write now.  There will be the first draft of a story on the writing filter soon for anyone who wishes to read it.  :)